What Does Your Car Say About You?

You know what they always say: "You are what you drive." And even if they DON'T "always say" that, many people believe it.

Nearly HALF of people in a new survey say their vehicle accurately represents their personality. 20% of people believe it says more about them than their job . . . 18% say it says more than their clothing . . . and 17% say it's more representative than their taste in music.

They didn't really drill down on what that means . . . but it sounds like everything is included: The make, the model, the color, the condition, and how it's pimped out.

For example, SUVs mean they're family-oriented . . . hatchback drivers believing they're loyal and reliable . . . station wagon drivers thinking they're organized . . . and 4x4 drivers "being ready to go anywhere, anytime."

And it isn't a coincidence. 26% of people actively chose a vehicle that better matched their personality . . . rather than going for something more practical. And the color of the vehicle is vital to 23% of people.