What Are You Doing Here!?!?!?

A new survey asked people what "accomplishments" they have planned for the rest of 2022. For some of us, just cleaning out the garage would be pretty major . . . but others have their sights set on something bigger.

For starters, 44% of people plan to take a vacation somewhere in the U.S. this year. And 39% say they're planning something international.

Other popular activities include: Attending a concert or festival . . . hitting up a sporting event . . . and attending a wedding, which I suppose is an "accomplishment" in the age of Covid.

62% of people are hoping to achieve more "life goals" this year than ever before. For example, 38% of people plan to buy a car . . . 35% are planning to buy a new home . . . and 31% are planning to move.

Other popular goals include: Getting married . . . moving in with their significant other . . . getting pregnant and / or having a child . . . and getting engaged.

One other interesting fact: 35% of people say they plan to attend a "sequel wedding," which is what we're apparently calling a second, larger celebration, planned by a couple who had a small pandemic wedding.