Happy Superhero Day!

It's National Superhero Day, which was created by Marvel in 1995. It's about celebrating comic book characters, but also REAL-LIFE superheroes who make the world a better place. Let's stick with the fake ones for a second though . . .

Ranker.com has a list of the BEST comic book superheroes of all time. Over 130,000 people have voted. And this is a shock, but Superman did NOT make the top ten. (Maybe because no one's made a GOOD Superman movie in 40 years.)

1. Spider-Man.

2. Batman.

3. Wolverine.

4. Iron Man.

5. Deadpool.

6. Thor.

7. Captain America.

8. The Hulk.

9. The Flash.

10. Wonder Woman. Superman is 11th, partly because so many HATERS down-voted him, which counts against you. The rest of the top 20 includes Black Panther, 13th . . . The Punisher, 15th . . . Black Widow, 17th . . . and The Silver Surfer, 20th.