You Could Soon Be Able To Visit Space

Orbital Assembly Corporation has envisioned a "business park in space," for both companies and tourists, and they say they're planning to get a pair of space stations up in the air soon. Very soon, in fact.

The company claims its systems will enable "society to work, play, and thrive in the space ecosystem."

Its Pioneer Station, which can accommodate up to 56 people, and will be able to simulate gravity -- at least the level of gravity on Mars. CNN Travel reports it will be ready to go by 2025.

Its Voyager space station will be much bigger than Pioneer. Its wheel-like structure, reminiscent of the Space Station V seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, will have a spinning "gravity ring" that allows for full artificial gravity inside the structure.

The ring structure itself will be up by 2023, the company promises.

Voyager will be ready to accommodate people by 2027, with the tagline: "We provide gravity. Luxury, artificial gravity, and size. There is no equal."