Interesting Facts To Know Before You Go

1. The Bronx has 'the' in front of it because it's named for the Bronx River . . . and it was originally "the Borough of The Bronx [River]."

2. There have been 30 songs with "Sunday" in the title that made the Billboard Hot 100 chart . . . 23 with "Saturday" . . . and only one with "Thursday." It was Johnny Mathis' "Sweet Thursday" in 1962.

3. Kangaroos don't burp or break wind. The way their bodies break down food, nothing is converted to methane . . . so they don't need to release gas.

4. The guy who created Ultimate Frisbee was a college student named Joel Silver . . . and after school, he went on to become a huge Hollywood producer. He's the guy behind the "Lethal Weapon", "Die Hard", and "Matrix" movies.

5. Astronauts can grow 3% taller in space . . . which is about two inches if you're six feet tall. It takes a few months on Earth for gravity to pull them back down to their normal height.