Love On An Airplane? 30% Say Yes

There are many places people find the LOVE OF THEIR LIVES . . . school, work, online dating apps, parties, gyms, etc. . . but have you ever met THE ONE on an airplane?

In a new survey of international travelers, 30% say they have dated someone they met on a plane. (Which seems HIGH . . . considering I'm usually ANNOYED by everyone on my flights.)

23% say they have MARRIED someone they met while traveling . . . though that's not just people on the plane, that's throughout the whole trip. And 25% have a "best friend" they met while traveling.

On an average trip, travelers will make four new friends . . . and gain 12 new followers on social media.

49% of travelers say they've taken a life-changing SOLO trip . . . and 20% say they find it easier to meet people when they're traveling alone.

66% of travelers say meeting new people while on a trip leads to a much better experience . . . and 77% believe meeting the local people makes the journey more rewarding and immersive.