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20-Foot Mural Created For Woman Looking For Missed Love Connection on Subway

posted Feb 12, 2018, 5:19 AM by Ryan Quinn
What do you do after you have a strong attraction to someone you see on the subway, but get off before you've had the chance to meet or exchange numbers?

Devin Custalow, 25, and her roommate and friend of seven years, Hilary Schumacher, were on the subway in New York City, returning home from Coney Island when the two spotted a "cute guy standing on the platform," Custalow, told ABC News.

"We kept looking at each other and making eye contact. We were kind of giggling about it," she said.

Schumacher, 25, verified this.

"They kind of were flirting with their eyes for a while," she told ABC News. "The chemistry was unreal. Honestly, it was really funny just seeing them interact."

Eventually however, the two women had to get off at their stop in Clinton Hill while the cute guy stayed on the train.

Schumacher said she saw the unknown guy look back at her roommate. "He was so disappointed," she added.

So Custalow decided to post on the “Missed Connections” message board on Craigslist.

Park MGM, a new Las Vegas hotel, wanted to help Custalow in her efforts to meet that guy on the subway. After reading her post, which was titled, "Yellow shoes guy on the G train," the hotel decided to create a 20-foot mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to help.

The post concludes with, "If you're out there, meet here on Valentine's Day, 2/14 at 1:00 p.m."

Patrick Miller, president and COO of Park MGM, explained to ABC News why they decided to help Custalow.

"We found Devin's story to be equal parts heartwarming and relatable," he said in a statement. "After hearing this, we felt we had to do something... If it's meant to be, she'll find the guy in the yellow shoes."