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Survey shows teens using YouTube more than Netflix for the first time ever

posted Oct 14, 2019, 5:19 AM by Ryan Quinn
Parents of teens are used to seeing their kids staring at their phones, but what are they watching? A new survey shows they're watching YouTube more than Netflix, for the first time ever.

The company Piper Jaffray surveyed 9,500 teens about what they were watching and where, and YouTube edged out Netflix for teens'attention.

Thirty seven percent of teens said they spent most of their time on YouTube, while 35% said their preferred platform was Netflix. That's a switch, the company noticed: Netflix used to dominate, 37% to YouTube's 32%. 
Cable TV was the premium content provider for only 12% of the teens polled; 7% said Hulu, and 3% preferred Amazon Prime.

"[W]e believe YouTube's more varied content library is a significant driver..." the company explained, noting that users can watch everything from music videos to video game play-throughs to how-to videos.

However, Netflix is still strong, say the researchers, even as other services like HBO Now and Disney+ in the mix. "[W]e believe the market will support multiple large players, with Netflix leading the way," Piper Jaffray says.