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Man trying to steal car hit with instant karma -- hosed down in gasoline

posted Oct 1, 2019, 6:13 AM by Ryan Quinn
This would-be thief is probably going to think twice before attempting to steal another car. 

WSB reports a Georgia woman gave her alleged thief the scare of his life on Thursday.

Gabrielle Halford -- describing the alleged thief as a black male -- says he entered her vehicle at a Texaco in South Fulton and tried to start her car via the push-to-start button. Thankfully, the car was turned off and the key fob was in her hand -- rendering it unable to move.

Knowing she had to react fast to get the creep out of her car, she resorted to the only effective weapon she had in her arsenal.  "I took the gas nozzle, and I just started spraying him with the gas," Halford recalled.  "He eventually got out of my car and left."

Halford explained that the would-be thief was so startled, he left his shoe behind when he went running for his life.  Police confiscated the shoe as evidence and are now searching for their gas-soaked Cinderella.

Halford says she is shocked by the ordeal and hopes police can identify the suspect via surveillance footage.