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Beer Wants You Back

posted Oct 17, 2019, 5:53 AM by Ryan Quinn
Facing increasing competition from the spirits industry and spiked seltzers like White Claw, beer is feeling a little lonely, evidently.

In an effort to win you back, three trade groups representing distributors, big brewers and craft brewers have united for an ad campaign called Beers to That. According to the industry magazine Ad Age, the spots are meant to sort of re-introduce the suds to consumers, who increasingly have turned to spirits, wines and "spiked" beverages over the tried-and-true brew.

"Maybe 20 or 15 years ago we were content to own the pro sports and the Nascar," but "that is not where all the consumers are today," says Craig Purser, president and CEO of the National Beer Wholesalers Association to the trade.

Indeed, a Gallup poll noted that in 1993, 47% of drinkers named beer as their top alcoholic beverage choice; a 2019 survey saw that fall to 38%. Instead, liquor was cited as 29% of drinkers' top choice in 2019, up from 21% 10 years ago.

According to a Gallup poll released in August, 29 percent of U.S. drinkers named liquor as their preferred drink, up from 21 percent 10 years ago. In that time, beer’s share has fallen from 40 percent to 38 percent. In 1993, 47 percent of drinkers named beer as their top choice, according to Gallup.

Incidentally, one of beer's biggest producers, MillerCoors, isn't participating, because of what it sees as  Anheuser-Busch's unfairly maligning them for using corn syrup in its brewing processes.