Increase in Number of Bucks Harvested This Year

posted Nov 30, 2016, 5:30 AM by Ryan Quinn
Close to 600,000 deer hunters embraced the excitement of another nine-day gun deer season in Wisconsin, and preliminary numbers show an increase in the buck harvest, especially in the far northern counties. 

Preliminary registration figures indicate a total of 97,892 hunters were successful in their pursuit of a buck, an increase of 5,282 (5.7 percent) compared to 2015. Overall, preliminary registration figures show that 196,785 deer were harvested during the nine-day gun deer hunt, compared to 198,057 in 2015. 

For the nine-day gun deer hunt, the 2016 regional harvest breakdown by region (with percent change from 2015) included:

Northern Forest Zone: 23,445(30 percent increase) antlered and 8,955(21 percent increase) antlerless;

Central Forest Zone: 5,067(2 percent decrease) antlered and 2,943(2 percent decrease) antlerless;

Central Farmland Zone: 48,872 (1.4 percent increase) antlered and 62,612(8.2 percent decrease) antlerless;

Southern Farmland Zone: 20,508 (3.4 percent decrease) antlered and 24,383(-10%) antlerless; and

Total: 97,892 (5.7 percent increase) antlered and 98,893 (6.2 percent decrease) antlerless.