Barron County Staff To Visit All 270 Damaged Properties

posted May 30, 2017, 9:01 AM by Ryan Quinn
Today and tomorrow, Barron County staff members will be visiting all 270 residents that reported damage from the recent tornado. This initiative is to ensure every resident knows they're not alone during the recovery process. 

During this site visit, county staff will provide those affected by the storm with a “Tornado Recovery Packet” that was specifically created to guide you through the rebuilding process. 

In addition, the county staff will discuss any unmet needs. These property visits will occur this today and tomorrow between noon and 8pm. 

Please know all staff members will be wearing a Barron County ID badge, and we will have an increased officer presence in the area. 

If a resident isn’t home, county staff will leave an instruction sheet on your door that outlines who to contact. 

If you have unreported tornado damage, please contact Barron County officials at 715-637-6732 to be included in the damage assessment.